Case Study

Trinity Roofing and Restoration

How a local roofing company leverages a Digital Marketing strategy to dominate the local market and double sales in the first year.

Trinity Roofing


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Technology Stack

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Trinity Roofing and restoration is a young company established back in 2019 in Sugar Land Texas but servicing a larger portion of the greater Houston area and Louisiana.

Like many other start-up companies, Trinity Roofing grew its client base through word of mouth and traditional advertising, mainly, print media.

However, due to rapidly increasing competition in the roofing industry among with the failure of traditional advertising, their growth was stagnant. So, Trinity Roofing needed to do a lot of catching up with twenty-first-century technology and implement a strategy to produce the desired results.

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The Need

  • Increase market share and brand awareness.
  • Become a trusted company in Sugar Land’s local market and throughout the greater Houston area.
  • Establish a strong online presence on all industry-appropriate platforms.
  • Generate new leads for new roof installations and maintenance programs.
  • Position the company website on the local pack and search engines to generate leads out of the organic traffic.
  • Cross-selling existing clients’ additional services such as routine annual or semi-annual inspections and providing comprehensive maintenance evaluations.
  • General repair work or repairs after storms or hurricanes.

The Strategy.

  • Website Redesign
  • Rebranding or Repositioning
  • Content Strategy
  • Positioning and Brand Awareness
  • Paid Media Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Local Citations
  • Reputation Management


“First Things First” Website Re-design.

Trinity Roofing Website Before.

Because Trinity Roofing was a young company, they didn’t have a professional website. At the time, their web presence was a plain ‘ole site built with one of the WYSWYG website builders.

Besides the lack of design, there were many other issues with their site such as no On-page SEO, no tags or meta descriptions, not enough content for readers or search engines to consume, and many other issues.

Part of my job as a digital marketer is to educate our clients, so I explained to my client that a high-level overhaul involves a significant amount of changes.

The first thing we needed to do was to migrate the site to a better hosting platform, and of course, a fresh installation of WordPress. It’s well known that WordPress powers 35% plus of websites on the internet.  it’s an open-source content management system with extraordinary capabilities and flexibility.

In addition to the main platform changes, the re-design must include the following changes:

  • Changes to the code
  • Content creation
  • Structure
  • Information Architecture
  • Navigation
  • Visuals to better serve the visitors.

When carefully planned and executed a website redesign tends to boost revenue, lower bounce rates, and improve user experience (UX).

“Making changes to the logo or the name of an organization is NOT re-branding”

Rebranding or Re-Positioning

Positioning it’s about developing visual elements and content that would communicate your brand consistently across all digital platforms and marketing materials, in a way that connects with your users.

It can include changing the look and feel of your website, brochures, flyers, and any other marketing materials.  

Content Strategy

An effective content strategy does not solely rely on only one tactic.

My approach was focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and ultimately, drive a profitable outcome.

With the help of a copywriter, I planned and execute a well-researched blog startegy, designed not only for consumers but also aimed at search engines.

Brand Awareness

As part of the Content Strategy, we leverage the most impactful social media platforms to amplify marketing efforts and help the client promote their brand.

The Goal aimed to grow the follower base and establish brand recognition in the local market. At the same time generate leads and turn them into sales.

Google Ads


Local Citations

Local citations are online directories that mention, partial or complete information about a local business. These could be websites, apps, or social media platforms.

These citations are primarily important because help people find your business online. But even more, they help Google verify the authenticity of a local business.

“Having high-quality citations can help your business rank higher on Google search and maps

As part of our strategy, we have consistently built citations for the roofing company.

Making sure all the information is complete and accurate across platforms, directories, and social media channels.

In addition, we included Data Aggregators in the campaign. They are key players in the local search ecosystem. Making information available and distributing it to local directories and search engines.

Google Local Pack Results