I have created a sample page for you to envision what your website would like. Please feel free to look around and click on available elements to see how they function and display.

Tentative wireframe of the flow of the path users will take on the site. Once we have a discovery session with you, the path will be defined for better functionality and to achieve the goals of the user

Striking Photo Galleries

Below you can see two examples of gallery layouts that we can implement on your site.  The first gallery will open a lightbox for users to see larger images in place.  Versus what you currently have on your site, where the user has to click each image individually.

The second gallery has a hover effect allowing us to show two images at once. plus the automatic scrolling effect.

Video Gallery

This interactive video gallery allows the user to see the videos in place, and at the same time has the option to scroll through the video gallery located at the bottom of the video player.

Houston Space


1172 Wilpitz Road, Brookshire, TX