Digital Ad Design

There are over 40 display ad formats on the Google Network. In order to increase opportunities for ad impressions, creating multiple variations on the mix is essential.

I successfully completed the project for the Under Armour campaign by utilizing the basic principles of design along with best display ad practices. 

Composition is how all the elements are placed in a visual space.

Space is the number one limitation when designing digital ads. Depending on the size of the ad, the task of placing all the necessary elements in the small area becomes very challenging.

I always start with hierarchy, in this case, the brand logo is number one on the list. Then I work on proportion and white space to create something that is aesthetically pleasing.


Typographic Composition

It is utilized to achieve the balance between the visuals and the type. 

The visual nature of display ads helps capture the attention of an audience and convey the message in a direct and eye-catching manner.

It should be memorable, so stays fresh in the audience’s mind.

The ad should be relatable to the target audience.

Easy to comprehend and understand.

Use to get trust in the target audence.


Production Artist


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop